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Gato Arouii (taro fritters) merchant style.

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

One of Mauritians favourite delight

Gato Arouii Recipe: Makes 20 to 25. Ingredients: -1 kg of grated Arouii violet (light purple taro). -1 cup of cornflour or poudre cange. -3 tablespoons of freshly grated ginger. -4 tablespoons of brown sugar. -salt to taste. -4 tablespoons of oil. -few tablespoons of water to combine into a thick batter. -oil for frying. Method: In a big bowl add the grated Arouii(taro), brown sugar, salt, oil and ginger. Mix everything together by lightly pressing the grated Arouii(taro). This is to extract the moisture out. Add the cornflour and mix. Once the cornflour is fully corporated Start adding tablespoons of water( 1 by 1). This is an important step to do , not to use as much water as possible. little at a time to make them stick together. The consistency batter should be thick like "gato Pima" . Make little 1 tablespoon balls and deep fry them in a medium hot oil until golden brown. Serve warm. PS: I don't add anything else like spring onions as I like it plain like merchant.. But feel free to add..

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