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About me

Fadilah Jheengoor-Mooraby.

I am an award winning chef with my first cookbook won the best cookbook in Mauritius, best self-published cookbook and best local cuisine (Africa) at the World Gourmand cookbook awards.

I grew up in Mauritius and moved to London in 2007, straight away I was very impressed by the cultural diversity of London and I was fascinated by the multiple variety of cultural cuisine.  Over the time I started experimenting with new ingredients and cooking techniques.  My new cooking style started to shine and be loved by family and friends. I started to share my cooking expertise with others on social media. I wrote my first in 2017 which was internationally recognised and awarded best self-published book and best cookbook in Africa and Mauritius. My cookbook has been used in several educational institutions/universities  I certainly promote the best of my Mauritian and fusion cuisine both locally and internationally.  After the success of my first cookbook, I published my second book, Fadilah's Kitchen- Celebration of Flavours cookbook. This book is full of amazing  recipes which I have mastered during my culinary travels through Spain, India, Portugal, Turkey and China. I have gained immense knowledge which I wanted to share with others through my cookbook which was awarded Best cookbook in Mauritius and in the African region by the Gourmand Cookbook awards. 

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